Sustainable Landscape Consulting

Utilizing ecological design principles, Linda J. Novy & Associates assesses each property through a variety of sustainable factors, including: Bay Friendly Guidelines, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the US EPA Water Sense program, and the Sites Initiative. The owner’s or manager’s goals and budget for the landscape are incorporated into a needs assessment, and a “roadmap” for the property is developed. Analysis and return on investment models support the recommendations. The resulting landscape design, rehabilitation, and/or management program enhances the landscape’s appearance and value while promoting environmental stewardship and reducing long-term maintenance costs.

What is Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM)?
It is a holistic approach to landscape design and maintenance that proactively conserves resources, restores, and manages landscapes and their natural assets. SLM protects the Bay watershed by reducing erosion, pollutants, and stormwater runoff; protects air quality by minimizing the use of fossil fuels; and creates and protects healthy soils and wildlife habitats.

What’s in it for you? The quadruple bottom line!
1. Economical. By designing sustainability into your property’s landscape, you reduce its ecological footprint and conserve resources — which saves you money.

2. Environmental. By incorporating ecological principles into your landscape, you collaborate instead of compete with Mother Nature. Restoring natural ecosystems provides an important Earth-friendly service to your community.

3. Social. Sustainable landscapes provide social services: they generate less waste and use less water, reduce stormwater runoff, and have a lower carbon footprint. An ecologically designed and maintained landscape may inspire others in the community to follow your example.

4. Cultural. By restoring landscapes with plants that are unique and original to each particular site, a “sense of place” is created. By referring to original ecosystems, current and future generations have an experience of the land which otherwise might not be possible.


Our landscape was in serious trouble. Linda J. Novy worked diligently to trouble shoot the issues and develop a corrective plan. She developed detailed specifications and assembled the right team to correct our immediate issues and provide for specialized maintenance at our property. She was timely, professional, and highly responsive to our needs. We could not have successfully completed this project without her.”
            ~ Sylvia Puccioni, Property Manager, CAC Real Estate, San Francisco