Creating a Beneficial Landscape Presentation

Creating a Beneficial Landscape

Horticultural Consulting

Linda J. Novy & Associates produces creative and elegant solutions and practical implementation guidelines for residential and commercial landscapes. We recognize that landscapes are dynamic systems which require an adaptive management approach. Specific site issues call for customized plans and solutions. Good water and soil management, proper horticultural care of trees, shrubs, and ground cover, and selection of attractive and long lasting color rotations are the foundation of any landscape.

Landscapes cycle through various stages:

New landscapes. Newly created landscapes require special care to properly establish the plants and ensure that irrigation and drainage systems are working as designed. A focus on the correct maintenance program is paramount. We assist property owners and managers in developing specifications and choosing the right maintenance team. Communication with the landscape architect or designer ensures proper implementation of the design vision.

Mid-term landscapes. Landscapes and irrigation systems which are 10-15 years old may have areas which no longer meet the owner’s needs or which have simply failed. A mid-term review of the property’s systems may include: irrigation and drainage, arborist program, soil management, pest management, and maintenance company services. Design enhancements and adjustments to maintenance specifications can re-set the landscape on an improved course.

Mature landscapes. These are landscapes which have reached or passed their functional life span and are in decline. Renovation of plants and infrastructure can extend the life cycle of the landscape, but planning for landscape rehabilitation is required as a long-term strategy.

“I am extemely pleased with my new landscaping, designed by Linda Novy. She took great care helping me to choose the plants that appealed to me and would flourish in my yard, considering the light, soil conditions, and deer problem. She also helped me choose beautiful new trees and shrubs to replace older ones and to select lovely plants to refresh the pots in my deck garden. Linda is extemely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and easy to work with. It’s a pleasure to see the beautiful plantings she selected already beginning to flourish.”  
            ~ Donna Chazen

I cannot recommend Linda’s horticultural coaching services more highly or enthusiastically! Armed with her wealth of knowledge and experience, Linda inspires a love of gardening, of learning and of taking pride in and ownership of one’s landscape. Linda is what every good coach should be – an inspiration, a guide, a mentor. She is always available and very attentive to any questions or ideas I may have by e-mail or by phone. She is truly interested and engaged in my process and journey as a gardener. In addition, Linda is encouraging, professional, and energetic.” 
            ~ Estate Owner, Sonoma County